Enjoying intimacy with the beautiful God

  • Encountering God we understand his beauty and affection
  • Our focus is God himself
  • We enjoy God (Psalm 149:2)
  • God enjoys us (Psalm 149:4) – even in our weakness (SoS 1:5)
  • Fascination with God empowers us to engage in night and day prayer
  • Our spiritual identity is as lovers of God

Living a fasted lifestyle

  • Jesus wants us to live the Sermon on the Mount lifestyle (Matt 5 – 7)
  • It keeps us focused on the "one thing" (Psalm 27:4)
  • Fasting tenderises our hearts before God
  • There are 4 dimensions of the fasted lifestyle:
  • Fasting
  • Praying
  • Giving
  • Serving

Importance of combining worship and intercession

  • Worship – agreement with who God is
  • Intercession – agreement with what God promises to do
  • As we worship our faith expands to agree with what he will do
  • It brings the promise of enjoyable prayer (Isaiah 56:7)
  • It was the model for the Tabernacle of David
  • God surrounds his throne with worship and prayer (Rev 5:8)

Team ministry

  • Everybody is included
  • There is no prominence given to individual ministries or gifts
  • We learn to flow together
  • Creates a dynamic diversity that helps us sustain longer hours of prayer

Carrying a prophetic spirit

  • Cultivating a prophetic spirit on musicians and singers (2 Kings 3:15)
  • Music releases revelation: God's beauty is revealed
  • We are a prophetic sign to our community
  • God is constantly speaking to us
  • We grow in confidence in hearing God's voice

Scripture based prayer

  • Focus on God asking him to release good qualities rather than remove bad
  • It is the language of God's heart
  • We agree with what God has said
  • Avoids preaching and judgemental prayers
  • Keeps us grounded in truth

Understanding end times and Israel's significance

  • We need to understand the signs of the times and what is to come to be able to stand and pray and not be offended or lose heart
  • We must understand the promise of a coming revival and victorious church along with end time judgements of God (the "great and terrible day of the Lord")
  • Jesus will return for a holy, united church – a pure and spotless bride
  • Awareness of the significance of Israel in the outworking of God's end-time plan
  • Praying for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122)